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Help Save Fairview Park

The Fairview Park Preservation Alliance is working to help keep Fairview Park as an open, natural setting for the benefit of all Costa Mesa residents, as well as for visitors from other cities. We feel there should be at least one park in Costa Mesa that allows us to keep in touch with nature, free from excessive noise, lights, and other environmental impacts.

There are many special status species of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered, as well as Native American artifacts which are in danger of being lost forever. As an example, the city illegally filled and graded the canyon in Fairview Park which contained coastal sage scrub habitat and home to the endangered California Gnatcatcher. It also is a core archaeological site of Native American artifacts.

There are some people who think that any undeveloped park is just wasted space. Are we to be not allowed one nature park free from the bulldozer's footprint?

So if you support the notion of an open, natural park in Costa Mesa, we encourage you to keep informed about the progress in Fairview Park. And we also encourage you to support the City's existing Fairview Park Master Plan as the vision for the Park.

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