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Help save the only natural open-space park in Costa Mesa.

The Fairview Park Alliance is dedicated to educating the public of the benefits and features of Fairview Park. Funding will be used to take action necessary to help keep this rare open space as a natural park.

Donations may be made using traditional mail services such as the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please make checks payable to Fairview Park Alliance. Send to:

Mail to:
Fairview Park Alliance
P.O. Box 2471
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-2471

In addition, you may choose to send your donation by Pay Pal. Here is a link to our PayPal account. Please click on the Donate button and follow the PayPal instructions.

If you would consider a donation of your time as well, please contact Kim Hendricks at:


Thank you for you contribution!

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